Supplements: An Interview with Suzanne Munson from Fairhaven Health

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Georgie Kovacs, founder of Fempower Health, interviews Suzanne Munson, MS. She is the VP of Product Development and Compliance at Fairhaven Health.

Here is their conversation.

Georgie Kovacs: Let’s start with telling us about your background.

Suzanne: my background is in whole foods nutrition. I work now strictly in dietary supplements. My background is in whole foods and cooking. I took an interesting path to get here. My interest in health started just after I graduated from college. I left my small, liberal arts college with a degree in clinical science and economics. I didn’t have a solid idea of what came next but with advice the next logical step was to go to graduate school in politics. I found myself during this journey with a lot of time to read. I picked up a book called “Diet for a Small Planet” by Frances Lappe and also “Diet for a New American” for John Robbins.

Both of those books discuss how our health and our environment and even issues of income equality and food scarcity are impacted by our