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How to Improve Gut Health & Address Bloating | Dr. Edison de Mello

Many women want to know how to cure bloating. In reality, there’s no quick fix. Dr. de Mello joins Fempower Health to discuss the microbiome, how to improve gut health, and more.

Are you always bloated? In this episode, Fempower Health interviews Dr. Edison de Mello, founder of the Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine and author of Bloated?: How to Reclaim Your Gut Health and Eat Without Pain. They discuss the relationship between gut health and bloating, the causes of bloating in women, gut microbiome repair, and more.

Dr. Edison de Mello is a board-certified integrative physician and a licensed MFT psychotherapist who takes a Western-meets-Eastern approach to medicine. His goal is to help patients who are dealing with gut issues overcome mental, emotional, and physical challenges associated with dis-ease.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Why do you get bloated?

  • The shame commonly associated with bloating in women

  • Why do women get bloated more than men?

  • The importance of meeting patients before treating them

  • Common mistakes people make when treating bloating

  • Emotions and the gut brain connection

  • What is SIBO and why is it important in the medical community?

  • Period bloating: when is it time to see a doctor?

  • “Endo belly” and the symptoms of IBS vs endometriosis

  • Bloating relief and ways to encourage a non-inflammatory lifestyle

“Is treating bloating as simple as changing someone’s lifestyle? I wish it was that simple. But even though it isn’t easy, it’s still attainable.” - Dr. Edison de Mello

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