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How to Clear Acne from the Inside Out | Cheryl Woodman

What causes acne? How can you manage acne-prone skin? Cheryl Woodman, scientist and expert skincare formulator, shares vital information on how to clear acne from the inside out.

In this episode, Fempower Health interviews Cheryl Woodman, a scientist and skincare expert on acne. Cheryl shares some of the underlying biology that contributes to acne-prone skin, how hormones affect acne, and what nutritional factors play a role in overall skin health. Listen if you want to take control of your skin without all the expensive creams or acne medications.

Cheryl Woodman is an acne expert and award-winning skincare formulator. She is the creator of Honesty for Your Skin, an online acne clinic and safe space where people can find science-based solutions for overcoming acne. She helps women achieve healthy skin again— even those who have “tried everything.”

Discussed in this episode:

  • Cheryl’s personal experience with acne

  • The science of what causes acne

  • Common types of acne treatment used today, and why many fail

  • Hormonal acne and how sex hormones affect the skin

  • Different types of acne among women

  • The main difference between teenage acne and adult acne

  • Myths and facts on what foods cause acne

  • Acne spot treatment and skin patches— do they work?

  • Skin regimens other than diet that can help prevent acne

  • Tips for how to clear acne and encourage inside-out health

“The skin is a representation of your inside health. When you make changes to heal your acne, you also have positive side effects like increased energy and feeling healthier. Skin health and body health are very intimately linked.” - Cheryl Woodman

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