A Six-Week Plan to Fix your Period

Georgie Kovacs You just launched an incredible book called Fix Your Period. And I read it, highlighting much of it. Let’s start with your story, as I think it would be helpful for women to understand how you even got to writing this book and the conclusions that you came to about this six weeks to hormone health program.

Nicole Jardim: I was that teenager who had terrible periods. I struggled for so many years, and I was clueless. I had absolutely no idea that any of this meant anything besides being just my lot in life. When I say terrible periods, I'm talking about super heavy bleeding, really terrible period pain. I would have all this spotting throughout the cycle and terrible mood swings. I was just a hot mess. I just assumed that it was all normal because not only was my mom saying this, but other friends had some of these issues as well.

I finally saw a gynecologist and she put me on the pill because my periods had not only been so terrible, but then they started becoming really irregular. I thought I had found my period panacea. It really was that for the first few years.

From there, I remember starting to experience all of these symptoms:

  • Chronic yeast infections and UTI’s