Diet and Women's Health: Part 1

We’ve all heard that “you are what you eat.” Many of us intuitively understand the cause and effect nature of what we put in our bodies. What’s more, diet is one of the few elements of our well-being that we can control.

When you’re confronted with the myriad of options (keto or paleo? Raw or plant-based?), it can be overwhelming. Set in a season of trying to conceive or confronting menopausal symptoms and it can send anyone into a tailspin. It feels that the available resources are both numerous and conflicting.

The American Heart Association laments the fact that medical training inadequately equips doctors to provide diet counseling. Against the sheer quantity of knowledge a medical doctor has to learn, nutrition has not been at the forefront. However, with exceedingly high obesity and heart disease rates, as well as new understanding of how diet and gut health impact women’s health, this arena can no longer be neglected.

Why Women Change Their Diets

It’s important to note that women pursue different diets for many reasons. First, you may be trying to conceive. If you are grappling with infertility or any other barriers to carrying a baby, one area many women turn to is diet. We will include information below on either peer-reviewed sources or anecdotal data for how certain diets could impact female fertility.

Second, you may have an underlying medical condition that is unique to your female body and impacts either your fertility or overall health. When you have either an unexplained or undiagnosed condition, many women turn to food as a possible source of answers. Some women have found that eliminating or including certain foods has significantly changed their health, for the better.

Third, everyone should remember that diet can change over time. Gut health is complex. The interconnectedness of our bodies means that everything, from breakfast to brain activity, is important. The journey to find a diet that fits your lifestyle and makes you feel great can be challenging. Whether or not food heals you, it certainly does impact you. Fertility4Me is here to provide as much quality information as possible as you work through what kind of food makes you feel happy and well.

Balanced Eating for Health