Jada Shapiro From Boober on Breastfeeding

Jada Shapiro, founder of Boober is interviewed by Georgie Kovacs from Fempower Health.

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Georgie: Tell us about you and Boober.

Jada: Boober is a platform where expectant parents and new families can find all of their pregnancy to postpartum care providers like birth, doulas, postpartum doulas, lactation consultants, and now mental health therapists who specialize in pregnancy to postpartum.

We fast-tracked mental health when COVID hit. Imagine you're pregnant or you just had a baby and COVID just hit and we don't have any information about it or enough information. Things were going crazy. You know, for five days in New York, you couldn't bring your partner to the hospital when you're having a baby, and all of a sudden, people had to go in alone. They just had no idea. All of a sudden people can't have any family members visiting right after with their babies. I know that the stress for me was incredibly high and I was not pregnant at the time. I think it made a difference for people who called us late at night just seeking help. I'm happy we were able to add that.

Boober really started a few years ago. It grew out of my first company, which I started i