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The Journey to Parenthood Series: Fertility Facts & Myths | Dr. Aimee

Listen to Dr. Aimee, a fertility expert, debunk common myths about egg freezing and IVF. Learn fertility facts for women and men on their journey to parenthood.

In this episode, fertility specialist Dr. Aimee, known as “The Egg Whisperer,” begins our three-part series on the fertility journey. For part one, we explore fertility facts, the realities of egg freezing, and the pressures many individuals feel to make everything perfect. Dr. Aimee sheds light on the importance of understanding clear expectations physically and emotionally, being cautious amidst media myths, and navigating social pressures surrounding fertility treatment.

Learn about the dynamics behind the scenes of different types of fertility treatments and where both women and men can find support. We also discuss the complexities of endometriosis and its impact on both fertility and IVF.

Dr. Aimee is a highly respected expert in fertility and reproductive medicine. She has a notable online presence and has gained clinical recognition for helping individuals and couples achieve their dream of starting a family, even after years of trying to conceive. She actively collaborates with researchers and scientists, contributing to advancements in reproductive medicine.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Fertility knowledge gaps today and the widespread information on social media

  • Common myths and concerns about freezing your eggs

  • Endometriosis and its impact on fertility treatments

  • Common concerns, mistakes, and tips for IVF

  • The impact of in-vitro fertilization on relationships

  • Male fertility and hormones

  • Therapy and support for the emotional aspect of fertility treatment

  • The direction of fertility research and innovation in the future

"Every woman should feel like she has the right and ability to self-refer and get the most accurate knowledge from a fertility doctor." — Dr. Aimee

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