Dispelling Myths about Your Menstrual Cycle with Dr Amy Divaraniya of OOVA

Until recently, it was thought a normal cycle for women was 28 days. While data now shows this is not the case, innovative tools continue to be developed to better understand what is "normal" for a given woman. Dr Amy Divaraniya, the CEO and co-founder of OOVA speaks with Fempower Health.

Georgie Kovacs: Tell us your background.

Amy Divaraniya: Thank you so much for having me, Georgie. It's so nice to sit down and chat with you from afar. Crazy world that we're living in right now. I have a PhD in biomedical sciences focused on genetics. I realized that there was this pivot happening in the biotech space and a new field of bioinformatics was evolving. I was working in virology, inflammation, oncology, and supporting those projects to help them optimize all of their analytics. I ended up going back to school for a PhD in genetics, specifically.

Georgie Kovacs: Tell us about your fertility journey, as I know that influenced what you are doing now.