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The Journey to Parenthood Series: Bridging the Adoption Gap | Erin Keaty-Quick

Learn how an ethical adoption process looks with stories, tips, and innovative tools from PairTree, a platform that connects adoptive families with expecting mothers.

In the U.S., about 1 in 35 children are adopted. While adoption is a life-changing experience for everyone involved, it’s a highly challenging process. In this episode, we enter the adoption world and explore the challenges, misconceptions, and triumphs surrounding this deeply personal journey, as well as new technology that makes the process more ethical.

Erin Keaty-Quick, founder of the adoption networking app, PairTree, joins to discuss the reality of adoption today. We talk about current statistics, ethical adoption agencies, what open adoption means for families and children’s identity, the cost of private adoption, and the importance of expanding access to licensed adoption professionals across every state.

From ethical concerns to expensive adoption fees, there are barriers that must be overcome in the adoption industry. Erin Keaty-Quick is the founder and CEO of PairTree, an ethical adoption platform that connects expectant mothers with families seeking to adopt. Listen to this important conversation where we share personal stories and helpful resources for anyone considering adoption.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The challenges of private adoption today

  • Social, financial, and legal requirements for adoption

  • Why it’s important to connect licensed, ethical adoption professionals with families and expecting moms

  • Breaking taboos of open adoptions and understanding different levels of openness between birth and adopted families

  • How the adoption process varies by state in the U.S.

  • Ethical considerations in adoption such as preventing coercion of birth moms and overcoming limitations of LGBTQ adoption

  • Financial assistance options for families wanting to adopt

  • How the PairTree platform works for networking, education, and encouragement in the adoption process

"I have more respect for the birth families of our kids than anyone else on the planet because they signed up for grief for the rest of their lives. And they did it solely out of love for the children that I get to parent." — Erin Keaty-Quick

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