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Knowing your Thyroid Levels During Pregnancy | Dr. Katie Rothwell

Ever wondered what thyroid tests to get during pregnancy? Whether you have a thyroid condition or are mostly healthy, it’s important to keep an eye on thyroid hormones during pregnancy and postpartum.

Thyroid plays an essential role in fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. There are several things we should all know about healthy thyroid levels, whether living with an existing thyroid condition or experiencing unexpected hormone changes after conception.

In this episode, Dr. Katie Rothwell shares her expertise on all things thyroid health. Dr. Katie Rothwell is a naturopathic doctor and educator who specializes in thyroid problems and pregnancy. She covers how to understand your thyroid levels in pregnancy, ideal thyroid levels for fertility, and what women should consider when trying to conceive if they have a diagnosed thyroid condition.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Important things to understand about thyroid during fertility and pregnancy

  • How to know optimal thyroid levels in pregnancy

  • Thyroid testing and pregnancy

  • TSH and other important thyroid screenings for fertility

  • Secondary infertility and Hashimoto’s disease

  • Lactation production and hormones

  • Can pregnancy cause thyroid problems?

  • What should women with thyroid conditions do when pursuing pregnancy?

  • Managing stress during pregnancy and postpartum

“There is so much that changes during pregnancy and postpartum — we don’t always attribute those changes to thyroid health. But we really need to be screening our women in those time frames, especially if they have a known thyroid issue.” - Dr. Katie Rothwell

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