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Endometriosis, Pain, and Whole Women’s Wellness | Dr. Peta Wright

Endometriosis, Pain, and Whole Women’s Wellness | Dr. Peta Wright on Fempower Health

In this episode, Fempower Health interviews Dr. Peta Wright about endometriosis and pelvic pain. Dr. Wright is a gynecologist, fertility specialist, and the founder of Vera Women’s Wellness: a whole woman's approach to endometriosis healing and recovery.

Together, they discuss endometriosis surgery, treating women with endometriosis, common underlying correlations of pelvic pain, and what we can do to help women in a society that makes pain and periods two “enemies” of productivity.

Discussed in this episode on Endometriosis and Women's Wellness:

  • Dr. Wright’s observation of conventional gynecology today, especially when diagnosing endometriosis

  • Can pelvic pain and endometriosis symptoms be correlated with childhood trauma?

  • Laparoscopies vs other types of treatment for endometriosis

  • What to address when seeing a patient with severe endometriosis pain

  • Examples of surgery outcomes and when it is and isn’t appropriate for treating endo

  • Is pelvic pain the enemy or is it a sign the body needs to be heard?

  • How fear-based language in medicine pathologizes women’s bodies

“I don’t think surgery should be what validates a woman’s pain. I think she should be validated when you first see her and she’s talking about her pain.” - Dr. Peta Wright

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