How to Talk to Your Doctor with Christie VanHorne

Patients and doctors must collaborate for a successful office visit and ongoing relationship. Public health expert, Christie VanHorne, shares important tips for both patients and doctors on how to successfully navigate the conversation neither were trained on how to do.

Georgie Kovacs What are the foundations for an effective relationship between doctor and patient?

Christie VanHorne Communication skills are necessary, and it is important to understand the role of the patient versus doctor. What I like to say is that patients are experts on themselves, and doctors are experts in medicine. What we need is a partnership between the two. This is a paradigm shift, where we start to see medicine is more of a partnership between two people, instead of this authoritative figure where, when you walk into your doctor's office and feel like they're the ones with all the answers. But remember. They don't always have all the answers, especially in our specialized medical system. We have so many specialists these days, which can also cause complications when it comes to diagnosis and getting the care that we need and deserve.

Georgie Kovacs What should patients to in order to have a more effective doctor appointment?

Christie VanHorne I'll start with